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Why Drony is not working properly on Saavn?

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When I use Saavn app with Drony I am able to search the songs and download them in seconds, but I am not able to play the songs online. Whenever I try to listen a song online on Saavn it says that make sure you have a good data connection. When I use Psiphon I am able to listen and download the songs, but it's speed is very slow. I am using Moto E Android 4.4.4 and latest version of Drony. One or 2 Drony was able to play the songs online, but it was only 1 or 2 times not more than that. How can I make Drony to listen songs online on Saavn?

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You have a very slow connection and the software detects it based on the time needed to reach the file and stream it to your phone. Unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to pick another VPN application. Install and check the HotSpot Shield on your phone and then try accessing it again, but if the Internet from your carrier is slow, then you will encounter the same issue. Based on its description and images, Drony appears to be a proxy manager. In this case, use Google Search and look for SOCKS or Proxy lists then add a proxy IP that's near your country and connect to Saavn. You should have more luck this way.

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