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How can I recover iPhone photos from iTunes backup?

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I have lost my iPhone but I remember that I have made a backup in iTunes. How can I recover my iPhone photos?

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The easiest way to recover your photos from the iTunes backup is to restore your backup on another iPhone. If you are using somebody else's iPhone, make sure that the device is backed up so you can later restore the original data. Restore your backup on the iPhone and then get your photos to a computer through the method that you usually use. The disadvantage of this method is that you need another iPhone. If you don’t have another iPhone to use and you are only working with an iPhone backup file created from iTunes, you will need to extract the photos from the actual backup file stored on the computer. You will need the additional software called Picturescue and the unencrypted iPhone backup file stored on your computer created through iTunes.

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I have Syncios Data Recovery installed on my computer, it not only enables you to recover from iTunes backup, but also iCloud or your iPhone data. I used it to recover my deleted photos, that worked perfectly. Hope it help...

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I think the easiest way to extract iTuens pictures to device must be using Syncios Data Recovery program. I have this program on my pc, but i usually use it to recover data from iCloud backup and scan lost data (deleted occasionally) on my iPhone 6. Very good app, you are able to preview your iTunes backup before recovery.

Any way...just recommend....

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Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes
Right-Click on the iPhone and select “Restore from Backup” – OR – choose the “Summary” tab in iTunes, then click the “Restore” button
Choose the appropriate backup (typically the most recent listed by the “Last Synced” time) with the name of the iPhone to restore to
Click ‘Restore’ to start the process to recover from that backup

Or You can use iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone to recover your photos from iTunes, it is very easy-to-use. Not only photo, it can also recover contacts, messages, videos, notes an so on.!

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You need to connect your iPhone to your computer, when iTunes is launched, select the latest backup file. Or you can download an recovery tool, which can help you recover data from you backup files, iPhone photo recovery.

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It’s not a big deal with the help of Coolmuster iPhone Data Recovery after losing iPhone data,which is an amazing program help to recover lost photos from iPhone directly. It is a practical data recovery tool to restore deleted data on iPhone with three different recovery modes:directly recover from iPhone,recover from iTunes backup file,recover from iCloud backup file

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To recover iPhone photos from iTunes backup, the easiest way is using iOS Data Recovery program. It helps us recover photos and other data from iTunes backup easily. All data in iTunes backup will be scanned out and listed on program window. Then we can choose what we want to recover.

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You can use one of those data recovery programs. As far as I know, they can help you recover your photos from the iTunes backup by extracting your photos from the backup. Check out Leawo iOS Data Recovery, it should work.

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If you don't mind overwriting all your current data on iPhone with the selected iTunes backup, you can directly restore backup with iTunes app or Finder. However, for securer and handier solution, an iPhone data recovery such as Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery is better. It allows us to free scan, analyze and preview photos or more data from iTunes backups, even the encrypted!

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