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Registration of SSScanner 6 program.

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I have SSScanner 4.6 that is registered that I've used for many years and really like. I just downloaded version 6. The registration code I have will not work with this new version. I tried to see about registering through the application, but the web site for Kryloff no longer exists. How is someone supposed to register this product so you can see the results for more than just a few results? My original order number is 09082005-48325-189. My registration number for the 4.6 version is "CKULN-FIPHG-DSBXK-FBVDP-DJVTJ-XXXX".

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I have checked its official website, and indeed, it's not working anymore. You will have to use the version prior to 6 in order to have functionality. Or you could install a supported OS in VirtualBox. Virtualbox is an application that allows running a virtual operating system without affecting the current one.

Download Virtualbox:

Create a VM Machine:

Note: You need to have an XP Installation Disc to properly create a virtual machine.

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