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What exactly is the "free trial"?

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I am attempting to use the File Recovery program to restore the SD card. I've reached the point where the files have apparently been at least identified. I read somewhere on your site (and now I cannot find it) that even if the files are recovered they still may not work (something about when Windows deletes something there is a code that stays with it?). I' m willing to spend the money but I obviously don't want to do so without a guarantee. Please explain what "free trial actually means?" What options do I have, please? When I click on "recover" (the green box), I can choose "free trial" but then it just goes away?

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As far as I understood, the free trial allows you to install and scan devices for the deleted files. However, to recover those files (or the files that are available within the application), the software needs to be purchased/registered. You can do this using the buy URL posted below. Alternatively, you could try installing a free solution like Recuva. Recuva works on the same recovery principle and is free.

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