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Looking for a program to help me change the colour of a car in a photograph.

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I am picking paint colors for my Mustang and would like to have a digital way of evaluating the end result before I choose a color. Does anyone have a program I could download or view it online?

Thanks for the help!

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There are many graphical editors out there which have been designed to offer the end user all kind of abilities regarding colorization or simply, image editing. From this category I can recommend a few which are most used by designers. By far the most powerful one used nowadays is Adobe Photoshop because of its powerful tools, features and support for different kind of plugins. It will basically let you release your imagination and paint the car of your dreams with the possibility to preview and then apply. Another one is GIMP, which comes in free flavor for everyday user and painter. It has strong points regarding art painting and nonetheless it represents a strong competition among other image editors. Although InkScape uses vectorial art it’s still a good choice for matte colors and image manipulation. As you can see the choice is yours to make regarding which one of these most important examples are good for you to use and preview your work, in this case, you car.

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Snapstouch is free online tool to convert photo to sketch, photo to painting ,photo to drawing, photo to B&W etc. This tool adds theses effect with maintaining actual size and that is totally free of cost even you don't need to create account as well to add the effects.

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You can use Jotun ColourAdvisor web based software to change your car colour. The software was designed for house painting but you can upload your own picture and play with the colour pallete available in Jotun. It's not accurate but at least you can roughly see the impact of the selected colour to your car. It's fast and easy without the hassle of using photoshop

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