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I have many files on Android device deleted, also, need help finding files from VAULT app.

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Something happened recently, and many of my files (pictures, documents, music, etc) got deleted. I ran Recuva and recovered quite a few. I still lost a ton of audio files used for studying, though. I had the app, VAULT, and I don't see any of those files. Does anyone know a better program for recovering files where I can retrieve more? How do I recover files that were in the Vault app?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I know, I should have everything backed up, but my EHD has been full for months and I had not bought a new one yet. Bought a new terabyte HDD yesterday though.

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If you didn't create a backup of your files, then it's impossible to recover them. However, Recuva should do a good job if those files were stored on the SD card that you can connect to the PC.

Unfortunately, no app on the Play Store can recover your files. They all work for the SD card. For the vault files, if they were deleted as well, re-installing Vault app won't have any effect either, but it won't hurt to try. Re-install the Vault app and then use the Recovery function to try getting some of the files back.

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