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What does ASUS GIFTBOX Desktop do and why do I need it on my computer?

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I just got a new laptop and am going through the programs to remove everything that I don't need and I can't find any information on this program. I would like to know what it does please.

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ASUS GIFTBOX Desktop is considered to be bloatware (applications installed by the manufacturer). The ASUS GIFTBOX Desktop is an application that recommends other programs to be installed that are suitable for your computer. You should remove it as soon as possible because the functionality of the laptop won't be affected, instead you will see performance increase (1-2 %).

Use Revo Uninstaller to get rid of the application permanently. Download the application, locate the Asus Giftbox and then select Quick Uninstall.

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asus giftbox is like a console app which has many asus exclusive deal. i purchased adobe photoshop yesterday because it has 20% discount. i recommend u keep it since u can get many great deals through it.

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I had this with mines, and it has nothing to do with discounts because I bought some apps with it.. No deals at all... And above all, it shows more than one...

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Not sure what this app i doing otherthan ´stealing´ ~40% of my laptops CPU ressources!!!
So I´ll get rid of it now :-)

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