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How do I get my KMT Software to load from a DVD onto my Windows 7 PC?

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The CD I have with my Employee Handbook software was a backup to downloaded software that I originally purchased several years ago. Now that I am using Windows 7, I tried to install it from the disc but it rejects. I believe it's due to the Windows 7 Pro version of software I'm currently using. The CD has a number on it: 37365023140000000001.

Any suggestions you can give would be helpful.

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You might not have the possibility to install it because the installer is not compatible with the Windows 7 Professional operating system. Insert the CD, then go to Windows Explorer and right click the drive with the CD. Choose Explore, then manually locate the setup installation file and right click it. Choose Properties > Compatibility and select an older version of the Windows OS from the list. It should work this way, but in case it refuses to install using the solution posted here, then I recommend using the contact options from the CD to contact the developers of the software.

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