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An email account is receiving a ZIP file that can't open with the error message "Invalid or corrupt file".

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One of my Exchange 2003 email users received an email with 5 PDF files and one Zip file (a set-up program) attached. He tries to open the zip file and the error message says "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupt"

Of course, this means there is something wrong with the MS Exchange Server and I must find the problem and fix the problem ASAP. I know how to run the wizards to set-up Exchange, but such problems are beyond my skills.

And idea what is set wrong and/or broke in Exchange causing this problem? Also, is there any way to get into this account from the server to see this email?

Running - 2003 Exchange on my SBS 2003 Server, with Symantec Endpoint.

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A message like that could also mean the ZIP file is actually corrupted. I have never seen another error of this kind where the Exchange server corrupts files. Basically, if it does that, then all the email should be corrupted as well. Try re-creating the archive or simply re-send it again.

Secondly, apply all the hotfixes that are available from the Microsoft Support page:

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