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Eva and BT earpiece.

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Excellent app which I enjoyed using for about a week. I have Android 4.2 and am using an HM-1100 BT earpiece. The earpiece is already paired with my phone & works great. Eva originally worked fine, speaking only through the earpiece as I prefer. After about a week Eva stopped using BT. Another query advising to turn off the phone's speaker proved fairly useless; Once I set the phone to Quiet mode, I heard nothing from Eva. Can someone please help me. I'm 2 steps away from choosing a different app.

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I recommend reinstalling the app, then re-pair the device with the phone. In some cases, there is a time-out option which removes the pair between devices. I have searched the Google Play Store for the Eva software, but couldn't find it. There is also another way to obtain support. If you know the correct application, contact the developers, because this might be a bug in the code as well.

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