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My Flash is updated but Software Informer say that is not updated.

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I saw a message when I turned on my Windows 7 that I need to update my Adobe Flash. OK, but before I ran Software Informer and this showed that I have a UPDATED flash:

Adobe Flash Player NPAPI
Adobe Flash Player Plugin for IE
Adobe Flash Player PPAPI

Then I went to this site for all browser that I have (IE, Mozilla, Chrome)

My browsers are and actually the new version is
(just my Chrome is OK).

Then, what I could understand, Software Informer detected that installed version 16, and this is updated, and actually the new version is 18, then this is not updated. Even that it could be a mistake between a lot of browsers that are installed, the default browser on this computer is Mozilla, and this is 16 too.

Then Software Informer isn't working about Adobe Flash. I think that it needs to improve about this case.

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I have searched the database and couldn't find the latest version available. In this case, you can attempt a manual installation of the Adobe Flash Plug-in. Simply visit the download page and download the necessary packages. First, download all that you need then, close all the browsers and install the packages. After the procedure stops, re-launch SI Client and perform a refresh. It will show the packages as having the latest version installed.

Download Adobe Flash:

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Thanks for the answer, but if I need to install the new version manually then run SI to see that the Flash is updated (by the way SI now says this is updated), but it doesn't make sense, no?... You checked the database, this is not updated, then this is the problem, if I could understand well.

Thanks again.

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