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BackupOutlook (BO) fails when running an ad-hoc backup in Windows 8.1.

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If BO is left to run as a scheduled job it successfully completes creating a .bko file. If I try to run it as an ad-hoc backup it fails and leaves behind a file with a name like "MZa05424", no extension. I cannot find a log file or understand why DynaZip is used in creating the .bko file. Solution please as to:

  1. Whay ad-hoc backups fail?
  2. Where to find a comprehensive log file?

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When the BackupOutlook application is running, the main software should be closed as well as the other applications running on the background. Additionally, check the installation folder because that's the place where most of the applications keep their logs. The cause to the back up failure could be a bad registry entry, file corruption, or an antivirus that prevents BackupOutlook to run properly. If you have an antivirus, add the executable of the BackupOutlook and then try backing up the database again.

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