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Tracking a phone through ShareIt history and IMEI

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I lost my phone Redmi 1S on 23 May 2015. I was using ShareIt App on it. Is it possible to track my phone through ShareIt history and IMEI so that we can identify the person who snatched the phone?

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You need to contact the local authorities and explain the situation to them. They should have all the necessary tools and devices to detect the phone's location. Also, if the phone is under contract, get in touch with the carrier's support service and ask for IMEI tracking. You can't track the phone through ShareIt App, if you don't have the exact location.

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Yes, you can find your lost phone is through IMEI number and you may need the help of your network operator and the law enforcement agencies to get this done.

Or, after obtaining IMEI number, you can take the assistance of any dedicated IMEI online search portal to track your phone. For instance, TrackMyIMEI, TrackIMEI, etc. can be used to track your phone.

More details:
Find Your Lost Android Phone Using Its IMEI Number

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