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Features of XviD4PSP

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I am very interested in XviD4PSP Video Converter. Is it free to download? Please tell me "Yes" or "No", if it has the following features:

  1. Sharpness control?
  2. Denoise?
  3. Deblock?
  4. Deshake?
  5. Deinterlacing?
  6. Colour Hue?
  7. Colour Saturation/Brightness/Contrast?
  8. Picture Cropping?
  9. Any other picture improvements/Enhancements?
  10. Can the viewing screen be enlarged full size with the control panel superimposed on top, in order to apply the Colour/Sharpness etc settings with maximum care?
  11. Padding?


  1. Audio Level Control?
  2. Audio Normalization to render all videos to the same audio volume level?
  3. Audio Noise Reduction?

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Yes, the application is free and the package can be obtained through the official website:

Note: Make sure you download the version corresponding to the architecture type of your processor (eg. 32 or 64bit).

Also, make use of the review written to this program:

To answer all your questions, simply use the images below to see all the available Video and Audio options.

What you see in the images are the features supported:

  • Video

enter image description here

  • Audio

enter image description here

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