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Registering Delphi 7 Personal

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I removed Delphi 7 Personal (obtained from PC Pro Magazine December 2002) from a Windows ME system (that system is defunct and been scrapped and usable components stripped out). I have an XP system which is no longer connected to the Internet (after the ending of Microsoft support) into which I have installed Delphi 7 Personal. It runs OK, but asks me to register it at each start. I have the serial number and authorization code. How can I register my program? I have tried using the contact facility on the Borland website via my Windows 7 system but I get an error message when I click the 'Send' button for the email.

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The registration is done through the Internet and because of that, the software displays the nag screen asking you to register. It's mandatory to install the application on a computer with Internet to be able to authenticate. In some cases, the action takes places through local network from a license server, but since you don't have that, this option is out of the question.

Use the phone numbers from the Support page to get in touch with the support team:

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Thanks for your reply.

The link you gave is no longer current but I was redirected to another site where I got a contact telephone number. That number did exist but proved to be incorrect because of company changes. Borland, apparently, no longer exists so I had to deal with a company called Embarcadero. The person I spoke to was not able to give help for Delphi issues but gave me another more appropriate company number (both numbers were toll free thankfully). The person I spoke to on the second number said it was possible but complicated to help me directly over the telephone but he was able to give me the web address of the Embarcadero software registration site (****) from where I was able to email my request for registration help. From then on everything ran very efficiently - I received an initial confirmation of receipt of my email and soon afterwards an email with the registration file I needed. All this happened in less than two hours so excellent service from Embarcadero.

Thanks for your efforts on my behalf, you helped me achieve what I needed in very short time. The issue is now fully resolved.

Best regards, Chris.

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