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I think someone deleted me on Snapchat, but I can still see their name and story.

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I'm confused. I think someone deleted me on Snapchat as in the 'who added me' part their name is not there and I see no bestfriends and have not viewed any of my snap stories. However, I can still see their score and still have their name on my contact list and just recently can see their snap stories. I'm confused as to what this means. Have they deleted me? I don't know if it's maybe that they just haven't been active for the past few months, but have now suddenly posted a story, that I can see. I don't understand. Would much like to find an answer?

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The best friends list will be discontinued if you upgrade to latest version of Snapchat. That's why there is no Best friends user added to the list. Secondly, if you were deleted, then it means you are able to see only a portion of the online activities available within Snapchat. The simplest way to check if you have been deleted or ignore is to contact the user. Send him/her a snap and ask about it. It's more efficient and in most of the cases it works as it should. However, there are no applications developed for such operations.

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