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Is there a way to enter information for the 1604CF for thousands of employees without having to input it in a form one by one?

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Currently, the followed process in our office to input the information of each employee in the form for 1604CF is one by one and then print it one by one too. Since I saw that there might be a way to import data into it, I was wondering if there would be a way to bulk input the data of all our employees with their respective information as it would be very tedious and time consuming if we do it one by one knowing it will be thousands. Can you offer some info?

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You need to check the software's capabilities when you deal with import function. Go to Import option and use it. Identify the file format compatible and then use the software which corresponds to the file format to add the data. If I am correct, you are able to import CSV or XLS file formats. In this case, simply create the fields in Excel and add all the employees. Then use Import and add them to the database. Access Help to see the exact procedure to add the employees to the database.

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