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How do I install Microsoft Windows on my E-machine desktop?

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How do I install Microsoft Windows on my E-machine desktop?

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E-machine desktops are computers with a slim and stylish design and have components like any other desktop PC. They are packed with sufficient storage and an optical media which can be used for Windows installation. All that is required is an installation CD/DVD with a version of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7). Insert the installation disc into the drive and reboot your computer. When the booting process starts press the key associated with the Boot Options and choose your corresponding CD/DVD-ROM and follow the instructions setup gives you. As it's a medium-high complicated process, make sure you read all the suggests and hints that will appear. When the installation is over and your computer boots into Windows, please remove the installation disc and insert the one with the drivers for your computer and install them in order and perform a restart after each successful installation. Then your computer is ready to be used at its true performance.

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