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The logs load very slowly.

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SCI logs are very slow. It's taking more than 30 minutes to load logs. How can we overcome this problem?

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The slow loading process is usually caused by the large size of the files or because of the temporary files the software is using. I recommend that you perform a cleaning of your computer. You can use CCleaner to wipe all the files that are not necessary (based on standards established by users). Download and install CCleaner, then use CCenhancer. CCEnhancer will add additional searching paths for all the most used applications. Clean the computer and reboot it, then attempt to load the software again.

If the first attempt has no success, open the installation folder of the software, access each folder and delete all the TMP & BAK files you have. To be sure, move the logs you don't need to another partition. Leave only the ones you actually use and the software should start normally.

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