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How can I get a cheap Blu-ray player with high quality?

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My previous Blu-ray player software doesn't work anymore. There is only sound and no video. But I have not used it for a long time. And I must deal with some homework of Blu-ray, and I don't have much money. How can I get a cheap Blu-ray player with high quality if that is possible? Besides, can you guys tell me how to judge a Blu-ray player software?

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Download VLC, which is a free one, but you need some codecs help.

You can also consider Macgo, Aurora, the two players don't cost much. As for video quality, you can download and use the trial version.

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I use Media Player Classic Home Cinema for all my Blu-player needs. Of course, there is VLC Media Player with libbluray as an open source codec for all your needs. I recommend checking MPC-HC from the official website, as well as VLC. VLC might offer some additional features, but MPC-HC was design with simplicity and functionality in mind.

You can judge a player based on functionality, stability, customer support, price, etc.

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