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Logging out emails.

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I use an email for one Blogspot and another email for 4 other Blogspots. But I can't log out the 1st one and the 1st email appears on all Blogspots. Can you help me to log out the first email?

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I have multiple blogs hosted on blogspot and I can manage all of them. Just make sure you close the tabs with the blogs, then switch to the control dashboard and log out every account you have. A simpler technique is to delete the cookies. While you are in the dashboard, press CTRL + Shift + Delete and check Cookies. Restart the browser then log-in with the username and password for one of the blogs you want to manage.

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I did as your advice and succeeded. Thank you very much
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  1. What is the system/app that you are using for the Blogspoot?
  2. The blogspots owners are yet to find a proper and permanent solution.
  3. For the time, delete the cookies of your system and the browser you are using.

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