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How to complete level "Short Visit to El Castillo" from Supertux?

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Ok, I have a big dilemma. How do I complete that level on v3.3? The level starts with a walking tree, three bonus blocks. Then here are two snails and two bonus blocks, with one used. If you jump over platform, you see a Igel. The second time when that part is on-screen, a snail appears. Sometimes the snail falls off the platform on Tux, hurting him. The jump on other two platforms with blocks with the third with a jumpy (though that enemy is really unsuitable for a forest level, it suited with a ice level). Some more parts where I'm blocked is the one with a bell, two door traps and some spikes on some up-side right platforms. Since spikes hurt Tux, it's impossible for me to complete that level. As you can see at first part of the level, after that is the finish bar. That level on the world map I can't pass over nor exit to play another earlier level, so acts like portal.

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You can use the walkthrough guides available through Google to pass the level you want. There are websites where the levels are describe and explained. Access Google to get information about this level and solution.

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