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What is LG ODD Auto Firmware Update? Is it merely an update facility for drivers?

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I have been using Driver Boost to keep my drivers up to date. Then one day my PC gave the following warning when booting: "WARNING! CPU has been changed. Please change CPU settings in the CMOS Setup and remember to save before quit." If I ignore this and press F1 to continue the booting process, an icon flashes the message: "CLICK ICON TO ODD FIRMWARE CHECK".

My drivers are up to date but the icon continues flashing. What is the difference if there is any between firmware and drivers?

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If you replaced the CPU unit of your computer then it detected a new one. Going into the Setup Bios of your computer won't solve this problem, however keeping those settings at default is the best recommendation possible. If you did not change the CPU unit and the software still flashes its icon, then you should perform a new scan of your computer and see if the icon disappears. Also, if Driver Boost continues to act like this when you know that you didn't change a hardware part in your computer then it may be some kind of malware if you click that icon and the best thing to do is to remove it and chose an alternative like Driver Magician which does the same thing except is spyware free.

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ODD firmware updater is for LG components could be for External optical drives, Cellphone software etc.. If its flashing might mean its updating firmware, or searching for firmware updates, If it does stop flashing and all your peripherals work correctly I would uninstall it afterward

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