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How can I erase the privacy risks from my PC in a free of charge method?

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How can I erase the privacy risks which are found in scan result of Wise Care 365 in a free of charge method?

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For erasing your privacy risks [this risks are mainly belongs to the Internet Explorer] there is no need of buying this app.
Just follow this simple steps to do it:-

  1. open the Control panel of your PC.

  2. go to Network and Internet and open Internet Option.

  3. open general and look at the browser history section.

  4. click delete browsing history on exit.

  5. click Delete and chose what are the items you want to delete.[you can chose all the items also] and click delete. on Exit button on the top of right side of window. [don't click on OK or Apply]

Re-scan your PC at Wise Care 365 to see the result.

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There are some applications you can use to eliminate the privacy risks in your computer. I would like to recommend these free apps: Combofix and AdwCleaner. These are two applications, free of charge, that have the capability of deleting everything that's suspicious. Combofix can be used for aggressive malware, ransomware, rogue content while AdwCleaner will take care of cookies, add-ons, abusive search engines, etc.

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