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I hold the "magic" key down and restart, and CC comes up on the display.

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I downloaded this software and it seems to be nice and simple to use.
However, I have problem with the PC connection. I hold the "magic" key down and restart, and =====CC===== comes up on the display. Still the PC can't download the files or vice versa.

Please tell me how is the cable arranged? Is it an ordinary serial cable, or is it any "magic connection" with it too? If I have to, I can solder my own cable without problems, I just need to know the circuit diagram for it.

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The application uses the standard Serial cable to connect to the Store. I have installed the utility and there was nothing related to cable requirements or something related. This means you will need a standard serial cable. However, if you have issues with the connection, simply switch the cable to another port, or go to Device Manager and make sure all the devices are installed and working. It's possible that you can't connect to the device because of COM ports. Change each COM port in the connection window until you can connect.

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Thanks for answer!
I also discovered the cable must be a null-modem cable, but You have to change the "***" of the connector.

I tried that, and after this little "***"-change operation, it worked all fine.

Thanks for Your answer!



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