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Unable to sign in to Safewallet on iPhone 5S.

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I have been using Safewallet on both Android and iOS (S4 and iPad). Now having installed it in my iphone 5S, it simply does not allow me to sign in. Says 'Communication error'. What could be the problem?

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SafeWallet is recommended to be used with iPhone 5. There is no 5S compatibility but I think it will work "out of the box". If you have a communication error, then I would advise on checking the network connectivity. Try updating the application to the latest version, then check or switch the network you're connected to and it should work. Make sure that the firmware on your iPhone is updated to latest version.

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Safewallet has been abaodonded by it's developer. We can no longer synchronise, and if you install a new copy, it will be a communication error, as the app cannot find the server it needs. I am currently trying to find a way to export my data from my mobile devices, so far without success. I may have to rekey everything...

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