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I can't access the main page after login.

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I have gone though the whole procedure of setting this PHP page on my web host server with PHPAdmin, created the database "customers", created the table "members" and ran the SQL code. I built my PHP pages in MS Expression Web4 and uploaded all three (3) files. Now, when I go to test, I get the login page, I sign on with my username and password and click Login. All I get is a blank page with no text at all, just the screen color and the address bar showing. How can I direct it to the first page of my website? I don't get a "Wrong ID or password" message.

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This is a common behavior encountering in this process. It might get fixed if you clear the Cache from your browser. This is done differently, depending on the browser that you use. For Internet Explorer, you need to open it, click the Option button that has its item like a gear, and go under Internet options. On the new opened page, under General tab, click the Delete button. Make sure that you have cache and browsing history selected and click the OK button. After you did this, you should be able to access your page, if you created one. If you can't fix this problem, go again through the tutorial and check if you followed the steps correctly.

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