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Current reseller price for HerTZ Mapper.

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Our company Softkey is interested in selling the software as ESD in Russian Federation. Softkey is the leading Internet software distributor in Russia. The catalog of the company contains more than 10 thousand programs.
At this moment we have a client who is interested in buying HerTZ Mapper 4 lic.

If it possible to provide us current reseller price and size of discount? Could you please answer the questions below so we could understand the way of cooperation:

  1. Are you selling your programs as ESD? (Electronic Software Delivery)
  2. Could you please send me your price list and the description of products or a link to this info?
  3. How long does it take to deliver an order to a customer?
  4. What End User information do you need to make keys?
  5. How should we place the order(by e-mail, on your site..)
  6. What way of payment is convenient for you?
  7. We have representative offices in 11 countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan , Belorussia , Bulgaria ,Poland and Baltic countries, can we display your products in catalogues in our regions?
  8. In what currency do you prefer to get payment in(USD or EURO)?

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The ATDI, official developer of the software, doesn't have this product in his portfolio anymore. I have looked on its website, but there was none related to HerTZ Mapper. This information complicates things regarding the questions asked above. You can check the product list using the Software category on the official website. In this case, it's impossible to answer to questions since no information is available. I recommend checking the website then get in touch with them to ask for details, because this is the only way to do it.

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