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Color Eye 2180 and Hard Key information.

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I'm using Color Eye 2180 from 2004, now I want to change the OS of this machine, which already has Windows 7 64-bit operating system. I'm installing the ProPlate 5.2 software & machine calibrated the device but when I open the ProPlate, it says "Hard Lock" not found. I insert the lock but it's still not installing. Can you please give instruction to about to installing the key?

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If it's a USB key, then it should install normally. In case the process doesn't start, go to the Computer and right click the drive then install the software on that drive. Reboot the computer and the key should install correctly. Additionally, if you have a Support CD or any other resource related to the hard lock, install it and it should be detected, then you can use the application. This is the standard process for hard locks.

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