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Functionality inquiry regarding USBTrace

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My name is Vinh and I work for Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries. I was wondering, if you can provide me with more details on the functionality of this product.

Can it do the following:

· Support for Windows XP to Windows 7 (Actually WEPOS 1.1, POSReady 2009, POSReady 7(?))

· Monitor USB peripheral device state (connects/disconnects)

· Should be able to monitor the powered USB devices (unique USB connected that provides higher power – 12V and 24V)

· Monitor for a specific USB device manufacturer/device class

· Provide logging and alerting for events (USB device connects/disconnects)

o There should be no alerts/popups on local device screen

o Alerting to a centralized location

· Would hopefully differentiate between device initialization/shutdown during PC reboots and physical device connections/disconnections

· Configuration updates can be centrally managed or at a minimum centrally deployed (this could involve a scripted distribution of a configuration script)

· Over 180 workstations to be monitored

· USB device will be changing within the next year (hence we will need to be able to modify the configuration to look at the replacement device)

· Locations are remote – software/agent must be remotely compatible with installation, configurable

o Remote locations may have a minimum of 384Kbps upload, 1024Kbps download bandwidth with high latency (70 – 130 ms)

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There is the Features page set up by the developer which explains all the possible features supported by the application. I recommend visiting the page where all the details are provided.

Features page:

However, I recommend downloading the program and testing it. The software is not commercial so that you can test some features.

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