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What does error code 497 mean?

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I have the same problem, i read a lot about it on internet but nothing of tips seem to help  
Yeah. I have the same problem even i ha ve subscribed to broadband.but when using wifi it have no problem  
I have the problem and its really frustrating me guys..even i followed the given suggestion but still remain the same ..what to do if anyone have then plz share or mail me at  
I am getting Samsung error message 497 and 927  
I have the same problem with my Motorola Droid RAZR the Verizon store said i have a faulty phone and i should get a new one  
When im trying to download apps from Google play store it will only do like half and them say error code-497 and not install it.  
im getting message error 497 and file package is invalid. i have done the force stop and uninstall update for the google play store, clear data and cache for google framework and download manager.... 
Remove then add your Google account again. /settings/accounts/google then click on your account then press Menu then "remove account" to remove it. Then just simply add it back in. That will fix... 
i get a 497 if i try to dwnload programs that are of a certain size with 3g. connect to wifi and repeat.  

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