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How can i install android system nokia e63?

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Connecting an Android table to Nokia PC Suite is currently not possible because Nokia supports Symbian operating system. If you want to have Internet from a Nokia phone you should first install... 
this is informative, a step wise instructions would be appreciated  
The joikuspot wont work because the joikuspot creates a 'adhoc' type of wifi network which the android doesn't detect. Android supports only infrastructure type of Wifi Access points.  
switch on joikuspot app from your nokia phone switch on your android tablet and switch on wifi detection. once your nokia phone is detected. connect using that connection. I am using with nokia... 
joukispot is good but connect with wep android 's wifi dont work with wep ıt work with wpa and wpa2  
Phone to phone transfer could help you realize transfer Noka to android. You can search for some video to get the best answer  
You can connect internet using nokia mobile to android tablet. You have to download the app ppp widgget. Then config. it for vodafone sim - apn www, give a user name & password of ur choice.... 
solution for this problem: ;)  
i am aftab i have nokia C5-03 and i have install joikuspot app. and i am only use wireless hotspot in pc but not connect in andriad phone and tablet how to connnec tell me solution nokia  
Pair the devices. On the android device go to the bluetooth connection settings and then tick the box under "profiles" - "Internet Access". At least it works on my Nokia 2330 and Nexus 7.  
It works great via bluetooth, just get bluevpn from googleplay. I hlavě hp slate 7 and prehistoric Nokia 2330, runs edge like rocket  
The ppp app works with nokia but only on android 4.2. You will need to select the modem port and use ttyACM0 as the port. This works for me after a long trial.  
Hi fed 'first you go to settings and then u see internet sharing and Clio that and go and on it there see ur password and name 'cooool try it...  

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