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How do u screenshot zte phone?

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Your mobile phone comes with Android 2.3.x operating system and this version of Android has a feature of capturing the screen with a key combination. You only need to press Home Button + Power... 
The power button shuts the screen off...its impossible  
It is not impossible. Hold the volume down and hold the power button. You're welcome.  
It still shuts off my screen.. how now brown cow?  
You have to do it at the same time silly.....  
I tried the volume & power button it shuts off my screen  
I've tried both as well and they still cause my screen to go off  
press the home button and down volume button at the same time.  
You need to hold it down and don't let go until it captures the screen shot. Its not just a quick tap, you hold them both for a couple seconds.  
so is it the the home button and the volume and do you hold them down together  
I tried all of that but it doesn't work. It comes up with a screen that says "Recent an it lists all the apps I was recently on. And the ringer volume screen pops up. What am I supposed to do?  
I did all of that and it doesnt work at all. Is it even possible?!  
It worked thanks the power button and the volume down it worked thxs been trynna take screen shots for the longest  
It doesn't do it i tried about 20 times it doesnt work  
You have to do power power button and volume down button at the SAME takes screen shot instantly and you will see it take the screen shot.  
I have tried every thing you guys have said and it still doesn't work  
Don't hit the home button, just hold down on the lower volume button and power button. Took a screenshot after a second of doing so.  
Ok, I just tried this. You need three buttons - Volume down, Power and Home. Press all these at the same time and you are good to go.  

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