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Is firefox safe to use?

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Firefox is a well-known browser and is used by millions of people across the globe. You can still use Chrome and Firefox at the same time, but Firefox is a good alternative with up-to-date security... 
it is good to use trust me i have it.......  
If they ask me now just one browser to recommend, I will say Mozilla Firefox. Apart from this that there are many adds-on that can reinforce its functionalities, it often supplies updated versions;... 
I think the best browser at the moment is Mozilla. Especially for add-on.  
Yes this is safe, you can also try the latest version of Mozilla Firefox.  
I have mozilla firefox and I find it very fast in browsing,even faster than chrome,so I advice you to use it,also you can use firefox and chrome togetheer.  
It's definitely safe to use. Just make sure you have the latest version. Personally, I like Chrome better, but Firefox is a great browser too.  
Both Firefox and Chrome are good browsers but I'm using Chrome now because Firefox has always crashed before but now it is OK.  
Firefox is the browser I used to use, but now I changed to Chrome because Firefox crashed a lot in the past. Don't worry, it becomes better now.  
Mozilla is a great browser to use. You can rely on the browser for security. I personally feel secured at net while surfing through Mozilla.  

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