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How to take a screenshot on lg phone?

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Taking a screenshot on your mobile phone is easy due to the fact that the Gingerbread version of Android allows you to press a combination of keys to capture the current screen. In order to do that... 
not true. i'm not sure what a volume download button is, but i did press the power and volume down buttons and it did not take a screen shot. the volume just turned down and the power down screen... 
Is there an other way to screenshot because that ways doesn't not work. what if the phone is not rooted. Please help i need an other way  
Mine doesn't work either and I've looked it up on various websites and I've tried numerous methods.  
put it in your buttcrack, then fart and it will screen shot for you . you are welcome ! :)  
these does not work you have root you phone "/  
Smoke a joint. & it will screenshot. It works everytime (:  
your yired^ i treid it. IT DIDNT WORK! any other suggestions??? maybe sniff crack? or eat dookie?  
Can you even 'jailbreak' an android? Sounds like something that you do to an iPod.  
Nothing works on a Coolpad >< -- it is almost impossible to figure something out on this stupid phone!!!!!!!,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
emphasized textOk let's all face it. The is no method bitches!!!!strong text Heading  
that shit didnt work -.- add me on fb thoe {; nayeli diamond juggahoe  
download andross from the play store its the easiest way to do it it it take a second to download....  
Only rooted Coolpad Quattro's can take screenshot. Even then, you have to download an app.  
With the lg motion you can hold down the power button and the - volume at the same time  
Use your system prnt scn option. best seo services india | seo companies in jaipur  
All y'all crazy you gotta lick someone's ass for it to work and screenshot  
No dumb assess download a screenshot app  
Stick your finger in your ass and try to whistle at DA same time screen shot that  
Ah Bih Flaqqin On Dis Lil Shyt But Dem Suqqestions Dont Work  
None Of These Ways Are Working Ive Looked It Up Online And Im Not Finding Ant Thing !!  
Press the Camera button and On button at the same time!  
wtf niqqah put it on ur crak? is u fuken stupid???  
fvckk all yaal niqqas that shiit donnt work whaat the hell is wronq with yaal mutherfvckkaas  
I dowloaded a app for my phone called framaroot then downloaded root checker to let me know my phone has been rooted, then i dowloaded a screenahot app all i hav to do is shake my phone now and... 
My home button isnt working on my Coolpad Quattro what do i do? HELP!  
try pressing the power button while dragging your fingers across the bottom buttons from left to right  
It does work. You have to hold on to the volume and power buttons for a few seconds  
hold down in the middle of the volume button and the power button at the same time, it took me a few times, but it worked  
Power + home ,buttons both press. simple  
Hello, Just click the menu and power at the same time to have a screenshots.. :)  
I have the Lg touch screen phone and all i do is press the volume Button but you ha e to press them at the same time  
It does work. Press and hold Volume Down + Power Buttom. You have to hold it for a few seconds.  
Press and hold them simultaneously and wait for the camera shutter sound #WALLAhmagic stop over thinking things  
D volume down and d power Boston works very gud.... U juss have to hold it down strong text  
worked perfect thanks and god bless ... for all others ... u need to press and hold volume down and power botton down at the same time for a secound... and guala... godbless u all  
worked for me! volume down button and power button at the same time..thnx!! your a life saver ;)  
To do this you need to hit and hold power button, the home screen button(is the one that when you press it sent you to your home screen) and in the midle of the volume up and volume down. Cheers.  
You have to press the power button and the volume button down at the same time. It works.  
Hold the volume like you're lowering it and also hold the lock button at the same time.  

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