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How to unlock tablet pattern lock?

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Trying to enter patterns too many times will get your device locked. In most сases a message will appear saying that you will need to enter a PIN to access the device. If the tablet has a Google... 
It really works. Thank you for this, such a great help.  
it doesnt work on my intex avatar tablet. :( what should i do?  
my avtar intex tablet is lock for pattern lock and i dont know pattern password please help me  
my tablet not function properly because looking for pincode  
how can i unlock my intex 7'' android tablet avtar ? it was lock due to multiplewrong pattern failures. and my tablet is attached with google account but i forget my gmail please help me  
how can I solve this avatar tablet my cousin forget her pattern password now she try many times until the system ask to open the gmail account but it doesn't work.. I try operate everything but its... 
guys how about the intex i buddy 3 ? and the instruction is TO UNLOCK, SIGN IN WITH YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT.? what can i do now??????  
my intex avatar got locked due to multiple pattern failures. I had actually turned off wifi before locking it . therefore when the google accunt is asked althogh typed it cannot be connected.i tried... i did this as a solution for avatar2...  

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— To gain access to the tablet, perform a factory reset. To do this, turn off...
— To unlock the tablet, you will actually need to hard reset it. To do this,...

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