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How do i screen shot my huawei phone?

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The phone uses Android as its base operating system and its version is 2.3 which means that you can take screenshots by default using a key combination like Home Button + Power Button. Keep those... 
You may not be able to screen shot on a fusion 2 .  
You cant! Its like a prepaid phone for at&t it won't let u! It's a smart phone but under prepaid!  
i just tried it & it didnt work . clearly the person doesnt know what he or she is talking about . does anyone else know how the heck to screen shot on a Fusion2?! it is a smart phone so it... 
i have the Go theme on mine and in the setting in it i can take screen shots and after so long it goes off by itself  
Get go SMS pro. You can only screenshot messages  
well if you stop being so stubborn not all smartphones allow the feature of screen capturing so stop asking  
I have this phone and I don't think we can screenshots ): It's an older version of the android software so I don't think it's possible without using the computer.  
Root it then use a app in the play store  
It know how to do it cause mine did it on mistake  
I recommend this app  

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