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Can zte tracfone z990g screenshot?

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In the newer Android version (2.3.x), Google introduced the ability for users to take screenshots using the built-in features. It seems that this is not available for all mobile phones because many... 
This did not work for me.. I have a ZTE and I can not screen shot by using those buttons... Is there any other way I can??  
Press & hold home & volume down key at the same time  
I have the zte avail II You hold the down volume key+ the power button to screenshot.  
neither one worked is there any other way  
Press power volume down n home it will work  
press and hold the power key + volume down key...  
yes...push the power key and down on the volume and it screen shot for me :)  
Holding down the power and down volume at the same time worked on my unico. Thank you so much!:)  
None of the answers work for me to screenshot.Is there another way?I have a ZTE Groove  

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