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How to make webcam zoom on skype?

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Have you tried going into the camera settings? What brand of cam is it? Most webcams have a menu where you can adjust the colour, zoom etc. If you haven't yet, go to the web cams menu and go into... 
Please go to Skype Settings > Video and click on the Webcam settings. From the Advanced menu, please disable Face Zoom. This option enables your webcam to automatically zoom the image to where... 
solution is right here i guess  
That solved my problem(the guide above my post)Thank you. Greatly appericiated. It was making me so angry  
Is there an equivalent fix for mac? I don't see the advance video setting on the mac version.  

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— I have the same problem. But mine only works on msn.
— First, check if the webcam is working correctly with Skype. Go to Tools >...
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