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HP Customer Participation ProgramHP Customer Participation Program ›  Can I safely delete the HP Customer Participation Program?

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I am using a HP printer. Can I safely delete the HP Customer Participation Program, 7.0? It takes a lot of memory and I don't know what it does.

Thanks for any advice.


asked Nov 27, 2008 by Bee 1 (140 points)

4 Answers

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I've been trying to uninstall it too, but I get a msg that "this file has encountered and error and needs to close...etc" hpzscr01.exe
So I can't get anywhere with the uninstall.
Can anyone help?

answered Jan 6, 2009 by Evelyn 1 (140 points)
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To Bee.

G. Removal - Performance Issues
a. Removal does not affect printing, drivers or HP Toolbox functionality.
b. HP Customer Participation Program does cause memory leaks and is a unneeded (200+MB) disk hog.
c. HP Customer Participation Program does make unnecessary net connections via svchost and creates hooks into update, start processes and Services.
d. It is safe to delete


To Evelyn:

I. Problems with hpzscr01.exe > file or datfile locked-corrupted
Make sure you change Folder Options > View to show hidden and operating system files.
Also de-select 'Hide known file types'.

The uninstall string is:
DriveLetterHere:HPDigital ImagingExtCapUninstallhpzscr01.exe -datfile hpqhsc01.dat

If hpzscr01.exe,[HPZscr01.EXE] hpqhsc01.dat, hpzmsi01.exe are lockedmarked hidden or read only for some reason, right click the file >
scroll to Properties > deselect Read Only and Hidden on each. Click Apply then OK.
Try uninstall again.

If that fails try re-installing the HP Installer Uninstaller ; )
DriveLetterHere:HPDigital Imaging{D2A3C9D5-0B56-4656-8277-7EDC65D62B6E}setuphpzscr01.exe
DriveLetterHere:Program FilesHPDigital Imaging{D2A3C9D5-0B56-4656-8277-7EDC65D62B6E}setuphpzscr01.exe


I hope the verbose information didn't drive you to tears, I also hope something above helps.
I have the complete post on my site if you want to view the whole thing - let me know and I will send a link.


answered Feb 26, 2009 by Pappathan (140 points)
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When I started to delete this, I got the message "Removal of these programs is NOT recommended if you are going to continue to use any of the following devices with this computer: HP Photosmart and Deskjet 7.0 Software.

That sounds like I shouldn't delete it as suggested.

answered Mar 26, 2011 by Wesley Musall (140 points)
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I have the same problem of Wesley Musall,the same message when I want to remove this part of the program. How can I resolve this? Please it is very important cause that is waste space, I need a solution please. Thanks.

answered Sep 29, 2011 by mary 10 (140 points)

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