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Am I being spied on?

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What is this DrFoneAndroid/Wondershare on my laptop I've just noticed? I've never seen it before. I'm going through a nasty break up, and my ex is a computer wizard. Did he put this on my laptop to spy on me? I haven't seen him in months though. Could it be done remotely?

asked Jun 6, 2015 by Lea
edited Jun 19, 2015 by Nadia B

7 Answers

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No, you're not spied on because this application is not used to spy someone else's phone. The software is used to recover data from the connected Android phones. According to the official developer, you can recover recover photos, SMS, Contacts, Videos, Audios, Docs from your Android device.

To make sure you're not spied, install Malwarebytes from official website and scan the whole computer. If there is something bad installed, Malwarebytes will remove it.

answered Jun 8, 2015 by Alex Urbach (304,940 points)
selected Jul 22, 2015 by adminos
Yes, MAlwarebytes is a good software. I use it quite often.
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The application allows you to recover your lost data from Android devices,
it allows you to backup the data from your Android phone or tablet in an external HD.
Of course in order to recovering something you have to first make a backup of data ;-)

answered Jun 25, 2015 by Julius 1 (240 points)
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You can also set your browser to Private browsing as another way of keeping off the spies. Also consider having the Antivirus.

answered Sep 8, 2015 by yeahbeu (180 points)
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This software I'm not sure. But if you want to recover data, Syncios Data Recovery may be better.

answered Sep 11, 2015 by Joannana (2,420 points)
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you better remove that software, thats full of adware

answered Sep 19, 2015 by anonymous
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You are not spied. It is app that can find lost data back. maybe your boyfriend just want to find some lost data.

answered Jan 4, 2016 by gigitanner123 (1,380 points)
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This site is not spying on you; however, if you are using Windows 10, there is a strong possibility that they are looking at your activity for 'product improvement' hints

answered Jan 14, 2016 by jeff hobson (460 points)

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